Their Story

Everyone loves a tasty treat – but no one loves the calories. To solve this problem Swedish food entrepreneur Mattias developed a range of tasty, low sugar, high protein treats. His range of products include baking mixes, jams, chocolate balls and ice cream.

The Brand Strategy

The mission was to develop a brand for this new artisan food business that would appeal to fitness fanatics who want a high protein treat, as well as to health conscious consumers looking for low-sugar options. As an added challenge — everything had to be bilingual to appeal to a local Swedish market, but also be ready for future European expansions of the product lines.

With Mattias’ help, the brand name Hälsotreats was created— a trademarkable name combining the Swedish word for health – ‘hälso’ with the commonly understandable English word ‘treats’.

For Swedish speakers, the name literally reads as ‘healthy treats’.  For English speakers, Hälsotreats is a authentically Scandinavian name that instantly indicates the brand’s county of origin—one of the key factors that influences buying decisions for consumers. 

In all likelihood, ‘hälso’ would be misread as ‘halos’ by many English speakers. Considering that Hälsotreats were created as a more innocent way to enjoy sweets, this misreading actually fit in perfectly with Mattias’s mission in a fun, slightly tongue-in-cheek way, with the tagline ‘wickedly good, innocently healthy’ and the imagery of a halo used throughout the brand. 

The halo graphic is also incorporated throughout the branding and packaging to consistently communicate Hälsotreats’ wickedly good mission to bring sweetness to healthy diets everywhere.

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