CSBarks <br /> Dog Festival

The Story

In 2009 the Carol Stream Park District developed a plan to open the town’s first dog park. Funding for the dog park would be part of a $37m referendum that required a yes vote from the public. To help improve the chances of passing the referendum the district needed to engage the local pet parent community and raise awareness of the┬ádog park plan.

The Creative Strategy

To help bring Carol Stream’s pet parent community together we created a free dog festival named CSBarks. The event would be an experiential marketing campaign to promote the dog park – which gave us the freedom to be creative with the event and the marketing.

Original marketing included fire hydrant shaped yard signs (designed to attract dogs), dog photo contents, custom labels for dog beer (which helped generate TV coverage for the event), and a photo shoot to promote the Rover Rest Area – a section of the festival with sofas and TVs for tired dogs.


Visitors in 2012


Award wins at Illinois Parks & Recreation Showcase Awards


The success of the festival helped Carol Stream pass a $37m referendum with a 57% yes vote, which included funding to build a dog park.

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