An established wholesale roaster in Canada was seeking to establish a new retail brand that would position their craft roasted beans as a high-end artisan brand.


The name ‘Crosscut’ was developed after research about the local town and area of Stouffville, Ontario, where the business would be based. This area has a rich history as a lumber mill town, and through that history, we uncovered a number a values that we recognized in Crosscut’s mission: community, hard work and attention to craftsmanship.

These common values became the inspiration for the logo and branding for Crosscut, as we sought to create a brand that is rustic, nostalgic and reflects the detail and artisanship that goes into the creation of the flavors Crosscut Coffee develops and offers to their customers.

This rooted-in-history branding approach differentiates Crosscut from other established retail roasters in the area and gives them a strong place in the community by honoring and reflecting local history.

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