Why hire a brand strategist?

Brand strategy is a term that can cause a lot of confusion, especially when it’s coupled with a lot of jargon, so what exactly does a brand strategist do and why should you hire one?

The short answer is simple – a brand strategist will boost your bottom line by improving communication with your audience through the visual language of branding. Let’s get into a little more detail:

Understanding Your Business

The goal of a brand strategist is to spark a conversation with your audience. The first step to achieving that goal is to understand what your business is trying to communicate. We determine the core reasons why you’re in business, why you’re different and why your audience should care. We distill the answers into a digestible format – usually mission, vision and values statements.

Understanding Your Audience

The next step is to understand what drives and motivates your audience. We use a blend of research, analytics, psychology and sociology to put ourselves in the shoes of your target market and view the buying process from their perspective. This allows decisions to made based on what’s good or convenient for the customer, rather than just what’s good or convenient for your business.

Visual Language of Branding

A brand at its best is able to show, not tell, your audience what’s special about your business.

Finally, a brand strategist needs to determine how your business can speak to your market in an engaging way by using the visual language of branding.

All the tools of branding – colors, fonts, tone of voice, patterns, language, and logo marks, have an implicit meaning. When used effectively they can be used to translate the the values, character and personality of your business into a message your audience will understand and engage with.

Businesses do, of course, have the option of creating their own branding, or using a cheap service, but that approach is risky. Imagine using Google, or an intern, to translate an important business meeting with a foreign investor – at best you communicate poorly, at worst you offend your audience. The same applies when using your brand to communicate.

So why hire a brand strategist?

We’ll seek out ways to improve communication between you and your customers at every stage of their buying journey. Great communication leads to a better overall experience with your brand and happy customers lead to more sales.

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